Bilingual office service

The Management Office

We are happy to introduce our amazing team. Our assistants, Mariko Matsuoka, Nana Takahashi and Mitsuko Sugano are extremely efficient and friendly, and they are very helpful to our guests. We’re here, right on the premises, to help make your stay as smooth as possible. Have questions? Need advice? Come on in and see us – we’ve got your back!


Our office hours are from 09:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday.

We offer the following services, some at extra cost:

Freebell Exercise Room

You don’t need to ride a real bike to get fit if you live in Freebell. Our convenient fitness room is right in the building and any Freebell resident can use it. You can book it online and there’s no charge to use the equipment. There’s a treadmill,exercise bike, free weights and an open exercise space with mats. It’s open 18 hours a day, from 6AM until midnight. Come on in to the management office to enquire.


Multipurpose Room

What can you do if you need to teach private lessons, hold a meeting or entertain a group of friends,but your apartment is too small or too messed up? Don’t worry – we have just the solution! Our multipurpose room is just what you need! It’s equipped with a table and chairs, a white board, a DVD player, a flat-panel TV, and a CD player. Internet access is also available in the room. And best of all, you can use it FOR FREE.


Buisiness Service

Photocopies (Black/White): 10yen/ page
Domestic fax: 10yen/ page
International fax: 60yen/ page
Fax receiving: 10yen/ page

Internet Lounge: 100yen for first 15min.
(10yen/ min added over 15min.)
Printing (Black/White): 30yen/ page
Printing (Color): 50yen/ page


International Parcel Check-in Service

You can drop off parcels at our office. Japan Post and FedEx services are available at cost. We can also receive parcels when you’re not home.


Baggage Claim Service

We can receive baggage/luggage for you when you are not home.


Free Sightseeing Brochures

Don’t miss out on some great sightseeing opportunities while you’re living in Japan. We have free English-language brochures for most prefectures. Please ask for more information.


Freebell Library

We have a English-language library inside our office. Thousands of books have been contributed by our residents and visitors over the years. Books may be borrowed for 2weeks, free of charge.


Dry Cleaning

You can drop your clothes off at our office (during our office hours) and we’ll make sure they get to the drycleaners for you.


Help Desk

Our friendly, experienced and very helpful bilingual staff will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about daily life in Japan.