Apartment Details – Shared Apartment

Shared Apartment

Freebell’s shared apartment is a 2bedroom apartment for two people sharing. You can make a contract on a “per-bedroom” basis. You won’t have the hassle of finding a roommate when you move in, because we’ll do it for you. Also, you’ll avoid the financial risk in the event your roommate suddenly moves out unexpectedly. Of course, there is no keymoney and no deposit. Please feel free to contact us and take a look if you are interested!

Please check the following details and contact us as soon as possible!

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Monthly rent and utility charge

Contract is on a per-bedroom basis.

Bedroom Monthly rent Utility Charge
Bedroom A  10~12m² 54,000JPY/month 7,500JPY/month
Bedroom B  7.4m² 49,000JPY/month 7,500JPY/month



The following items are installed in living and dining room.

AC, Refrigerator Washing Machine, Microwave, TV, Vacum Cleaner, Light Fixtures, Gas Stove, Dining Table, Chairs, Sofa, Coffee Table And Curtains

The following items are installed in each bedroom.

Light Fixtures, Curtains


8 minute walk from Nagoya station.
Check here for the map.


Terms and conditions

–  No Key Money, No Deposit, No Realtor Fees.
–  You don’t need a guarantor (employment or income confirmation required in lieu of guarantor).
–  Fixed Utility Charge Of Only 7,500yen Per Month
–  Minimum 3-month lease required.


Other benefit

–  Free English TV channels (CNN, FOX) available. SkyperfecTV with extra cost.


–  You can start using low cost high speed internet access from the day you move in. (Setup fee: 3900yen, Monthly fee: 3900yen)
Bilingual office service
– You can pay by credit card, cash or bank-transfer. (No traveller’s checks acceptable)



Rental furniture & appliances

We can arrange any kind of furniture or appliances you require. Please let us know what you need, and we will provide an estimate.
[ e.g. ] TV: 2,000yen/month, Sofa:3,000yen/month, Dining Table & Chairs: 3,000yen/month, Semi-double Bed: 3,000yen/month, etc…

Free moving van service

We will help you move to Freebell with our company van, if you live in Nagoya or its suburbs. Free for 1 trip only.