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why you should choose Freebell?


Our high-grade serviced apartments combine contemporary interior designs with the latest appliances, including a 47-inch flat-screen TV and broadband high-speed internet access.
The convenience of this location and the simple and fine quality of our Standard
Serviced Apartments will make your stay comfortable and you will feel right at home.
shared apartment
This is a very affordable package designed especially for English teachers planning to move to Nagoya. Each apartment comes partly equipped with washing machine, fridge, A/C, etc. Freebell's shared apartment is a 2-bedroom apartment for two people sharing. You can make a contract on a "per-bedroom" basis.
High-grade Serviced Apartment Standard Serviced Apartment
Freebell's advantage

Freebell Co. has offered our very reasonably priced accommodation and related services to many companies and individuals from countries around the world. Because of our many experiences with our international visitors and other guests, we can easily assist you when you have requests. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a comfortable place to stay with a very quick and visitor-friendly application process.

For Companies

[ For Companies ]
We provide furnished apartments for companies that require their employees to stay in or near Nagoya, Japan. Many people, including engineers and trainees, have stayed with us in the past. Depending on the length of stay and the number of guests, we are flexible in accommodating various requests.

For Indian Companies

[ For Indian Companies ]
We have served many engineers from leading companies in India, such as Satyam, Wipro, Infosys and HCL. We strive to make sure all family members accompanying our business guests also have a comfortable and trouble free stay in Japan. Our bilingual staff can assist our guests with any problems in their daily lives.

For English Teacher

[ For English Teachers ]
Freebell offers semi furnished apartments for visitors coming to Japan to teach English whether for long or short stays. We have contracts for both individuals and companies. To make their transition into Japanese life easier: 1. No key money, no deposit and no guarantor are required. 2. The Lease Agreement is in English. 3. Basic appliances such as air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine are included in each unit. 4. Free English TV channels (CNN and FOX). 5.We offer a free moving service. 6. Internet access is available with a low cost.

Shared Apartment

[ Shared Apartment ]
We have 2 bedroom apartments available as shared apartments. The contract is made on a per-bedroom basis, and the rent and utility fees are charged to each tenant separately. If you are interested in learning Japanese, we can also make arrangements to place you with a Japanese roommate.




Travelling to and living in a different country is very exciting. And, if you havenft travelled to Nagoya and Japan before, you are in for the time of your life! There is so much to see and do, including incredible historical sites, traditional cultural activities, exotic natural features, service like nowhere else on earth, and some of the finest dining in the world! However, we know that sometimes difficulties arise. The Freebell management office is located right on the 2nd floor of the Freebell apartment complex, so, if you need help, our friendly staff will support you in any way they can to make your stay in Nagoya easier and more enjoyable! Wefre looking forward to having you join us at Freebell really soon!

Freebell Office Staff Freebell Office

>>Bilingual Office Service@

Inquiry via telephone and fax
telephone: 052-571-5055
fax: 052-571-8090
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Taka Kinoshita
Manager: Taka Kinoshita
Mariko Matsuoka
Mariko Matsuoka
Sawako Adachi
Sawako Adachi
freebell memorial blog

We are very happy that a lot of international visitors choose Freebell as a place to stay in Nagoya. We want to say thank you to everybody and keep these pictures for our good memories.

freebell memorial blog

>> freebell memorial blog

.. This is the third time I have stayed at a monthly mansion; first in Tokyo and the second time here in Nagoya. Of the three monthly mansions I stayed at, Mansion Freebell is by far the best in terms of comfort, price, quality, and location. In addition, Mr. Kinoshita was easily available whenever I had a question or needed any assistance. ...

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